Hasting Property Management

If you’re any where near Hastings, and need somewhere to live, then we would strongly recommend checking out Hastings Property Management. They are property management experts that are based in the town, and know the local market really well.

Hastings Property Management

Their main USP (Unique selling point) is that they are not like other agents. You very rarely see them wearing shirt and ties, and hardly ever in a flashy sports car. Why? well its mainly down to their hands on approach. They are a new company (started in 2017), and this has been working very well for them.

Their website says that they are willing to muck in when small jobs need doing, and as they come from a property maintenance background, they are able to do alot of small jobs, without charge or inconvenience to the property owners.

For property owners (landlords), they offer low rates, and are open and honest about the fees that are charged. They can either do full management, or just line you up a tenant who has been checked and referenced.

For tenants they are also open and honest, and show the fees upfront. As described above, coming form a property maintenance background they can fix alot of issues in house at a time to suit the tenant.

Being from Hastings, and knowing the local market it really gives them the opportunity to make the most of your properties. If you ask them really nicely, they do cover the whole of East Sussex and can even manage properties as far afield as Kent!